Nur. - Class - II:

Red T-shirt with school logo embroidered on It., Blue Skirt/Blue half pant, Blue socks with red stripes, and Blue coloured shoes with red stripes.

Summer Uniform for Classes III - XII :

White Shirt of half sleeves with School Mono embroidered on pockets, White Trousers/Skirts, White socks with red stripes, Black shoes, black school belt, and school tie, proper hair cut & trimmed nails.

Note: (i)  Please note that for classes III-XII summer uniform i.e. white trousers/shirts are to be  worn on all Mondays and Thursday during the whole year.     

          (ii) Carbon blue trouser/skirts will be followed on all the days i.e. Tuesday to Saturday excluding Mondays & Thursday.

                            * In winter boys can wear carbon blue full pants.
                            * Girls can wear Black Slacks during winter with Skirts.